Are Personality Disorders New Territory for God?

Twenty-first Century Americans seem to think that we have entered into all new territory. To read current psychiatric studies, it is almost like we have arrived at a place where medical and psychological sciences have described and told us exactly what our disorders are, and now they are removed a step away from us, and our behavior is no longer part of our personal responsibility.

Nearly every sin Paul describes in the New Testament Epistles are now disorders and diseases that we can be diagnosed with. Once a person gets the diagnosis we can comfortably excuse what God has called sin.

1. Should we excuse sinful attitudes, and unbiblical behavior because the person has a disorder?
2. Was God incorrect in formerly declaring that these were sins?
3. Is it now true that people with these recently catalogued disorders are not exhibiting the sinful attitudes and activities of their flesh, they just are dealing with a medical disorder?
4. Are these almost 300 catalogued disorders new to modern times?
5. Were these same “disorders” not previously experienced and dealt with in past generations of believers using only the Word of God and not counselors, plus medicine, plus psychiatric frameworks?