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Are Personality Disorders New Territory for God?

Twenty-first Century Americans seem to think that we have entered into all new territory. To read current psychiatric studies, it is almost like we have arrived at a place where medical and psychological sciences have described and told us exactly what our disorders are, and now they are removed a step away from us, and our behavior is no longer part of our personal responsibility.

Nearly every sin Paul describes in the New Testament Epistles are now disorders and diseases that we can be diagnosed with. Once a person gets the diagnosis we can comfortably excuse what God has called sin.

1. Should we excuse sinful attitudes, and unbiblical behavior because the person has a disorder?
2. Was God incorrect in formerly declaring that these were sins?
3. Is it now true that people with these recently catalogued disorders are not exhibiting the sinful attitudes and activities of their flesh, they just are dealing with a medical disorder?
4. Are these almost 300 catalogued disorders new to modern times?
5. Were these same “disorders” not previously experienced and dealt with in past generations of believers using only the Word of God and not counselors, plus medicine, plus psychiatric frameworks?

The Gospel by John’s Most Amazing Description of Salvation

Each of us as followers of Christ, have been commissioned by Him to spend our lives going and sharing the Gospel. Some of us preach, some of us pray, some of us go to other lands, others of us serve in the nursery, adult, youth, or children’s ministr…

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PDF: True Sheep Hear the Voice of Jesus Christ as Their Shepherd and Follow Him

A new PDF document from Calvary BIBLE Church is now available on with the following details:

Title: True Sheep Hear the Voice of Jesus Christ as Their Shepherd and Follow Him
Subtitle: The Throne Room of God
Speaker: Dr. John Barnett

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Hear Christ’s Message

The seven most important letters in the Bible are usually overlooked, the seven authored by Jesus personally, and sent to us individually. For many reasons, those seven letters, comprising chapters 2 & 3 of Revelation, are the most important in the Bible.

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The Victory of Jesus

In Christ we see the fullness of the Godhead Bodily. Jesus is victorious in everything, but there’s one victory that is above all others, it’s His victory at the cross, over sin, over death, over hell and over the Evil One.

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The Return of Jesus

Look at the world around us, at the decline and fall of the American culture, the decline and demise of the American family, and the disintegration of the political system around the world, and we see the chaos… its all a reminder that Jesus is coming!

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The Touch of Jesus

Have you ever wondered if your prayers make it through to God? God tells us that He hears every prayer of everyone at all times.

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The Voice of Jesus

Are you listening to the voice of the Lord? He speaks to those who have an ear to hear, if you haven’t been hearing the voice of the Lord from His book, you need to examine whether or not you have a spiritual ear to hear.

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The Eyes of Jesus

Is there anything in your life that you wouldn’t want exposed? would there be anything you’d be ashamed of? open before the eyes of God, He sees it all anyway. Sometimes we’re more embarrassed of our friends seeing things, than we are of God seeing things.

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Ten Secrets of Unfading Beauty

People set standards for measuring beauty… when they tell you what your clothes are supposed to look like, and when they tell you what your makeup is supposed to look like, and whether it’s the time of the year for this and that, but have we ever thought about what God’s standard for measuring beauty is?

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Trusting God Through Tough Times

Do you trust God enough that you can talk about him, no matter where you are in life? no matter how pained, stressed, depressed, physically limited, financially strapped, no matter how spiritually oppressed, do you trust God enough to speak for Him wherever you are? anytime, anywhere, you speak about Him if you trust Him.

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